I've moved!!!

Argh... I know...
I'm a crap blogger. Frankly, I'm not much of a blogger at all any more.
A lot has happened in the past year, I moved to Australia as I briefly mentioned... And I got married (!)
( You can take a peek at the wedding here, if you'd like)
And so, this little space got very neglected, and eventually, abandoned.
As my portfolio is on Wordpress, I've opened a new little blog over there. A clean slate. It still needs tons of work, but it's a start!
I don't know whether the move will be permanent ( changing platforms takes some getting used to!) but I'd like to try it for a while, and hopefully get into some regular blogging again.
So don't delete this link from your feeds just yet! But perhaps add this new one for now if you'd like to read along :)

I hope I'm finding all of you well, happy and relaxed.
Do pop over to my new haunt if you fancy!

Much love,



My Week With Marilyn

Hi kids!

So I finally went to see My Week With Marilyn yesterday.And I really loved it.
I didn't know what to expect really. I just knew I didn't want to be disappointed. I've been mildly obsessed with all things Marilyn Monroe since I was a little girl, so it would have made me quite angry if this film had been lame.
Michelle William is very touching as Miss Monroe, she gives a subtle performance which is believable and well researched. Her facial expressions and the way she moves are especially good. The rest of cast also do a great job. Even Kenneth Branagh, who usually annoys me, is very good as Laurence Olivier.
There are some very funny moments, too.
The costumes and setting are amazing, as is the music-and well done Michelle for doing all your own singing!
All in all very enjoyable and well worth seeing! Now I want to read the book.

Did you guys do anything fun over the weekend?




Pretty Nails

(via my Pinterest)

So girls,

do you polish?
I do. I love it.
It's the first beauty thing I became obsessed with when I was a little pre-teen.
My first nail polish, purchased at the local supermarket aged 11, was a Bourgeois pearly light blue. Funky, eh!
Since, I've worn pretty much every colour. My only No-No are uber long acrylics. How do you get anything done with those on? Really?
But anyway. I'm loving all the nail-spiration coming my way via Pinterest. Peter pan collar nails?! CUTE. Geometric abstract color patterns? AWESOME. Dots? SIGN ME IN.

Check out my Pinterest board for more!



Funny, cute and kind of gross...

(source crii via Twinkie Chan)

Wow still not posting as much as I'd like! Working on it people! I actually have some pretty cool projects up my sleeve. Post on this later!
I can't even tell you how I ended up finding this Gif ( actually I can- late night Pinterest trolling)
But anyway, it is quite compelling I find. Good image. It works. ( Apparently I would need to host this image if I want it to be animated on my blog. Not going to happen. Click the via link to see it move!)




Featured in the Sydney Morning Herald!

Hello friends!

Well I had an interesting morning!
Just before breakfast my boyfriend's sister called us, super excited, saying something about my picture being in the paper. It turns out she was lying on the beach, just flicking through the Sydney Morning Herald, when she happened to stumble upon this little article,and my design, Animal Spirit, was selected by the journalist to illustrate it!
A good little surprise :)
If you're interested in reading the article just click on the link.

Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend!




Artist Hickory Mertsching

Feast, Oil on Canvas, Hickory Mertching. (source)

Tattoo by Brian Thomas Wilson of Scapegoat Tattoos in Portland Oregon.

Hello lovelies!

Ah, nearly the weekend, anything fun planned?
We have my boyfriend's mother coming over to stay with us and so we have some musical theatre ( Mary Poppins!) and some good meals on the cards. Good times!

It's actually my boyfriend Ewan that showed me artist Hickory Mertsching's portfolio this morning. I just love these oil paintings! So incredibly beautiful. The fox painting above, Feast, actually reminded me of this beautiful tattoo I had pinned a few days ago. I wonder whether the person getting tattooed is a fan of Mertsching's? Kinda similar, right?

I don't have tattoos myself, but always admire the artful ones. Are you inked? Would you get a tattoo inspired by a work of art? I'm curious :)


p.s: If, like me, you like staring at pretty tattoos, you can check out my Pinterest board, Beautiful Inklings.


The 2 best natural products for your skin.

Hello Lovelies,

Let's talk about skin.
Most of us were born with perfect, baby's bum smooth, glowing complexions. And then puberty hit, followed by the stresses of exams, jobs, families. And that "school girl complexion" became kinda hard to keep ( And if you were able to, yes, you, there, feeling smug... I hate you...Bah, not really. Ok, a bit)


We have to do a bit correcting, don't we? I myself have combination to oily skin. And I've just turned 27 (yikes!). So I have to fight both my skin's tendency to think it's still 14, and also try to do some anti- ageing stuff. Moving to Brisbane, with it's tropical climate and evil levels of humidity has really not helped.

However both of these are suitable for all skin types.
I swear by these products to minimise breakouts and keep my skin looking young and healthy. And these are all natural, so you're not overloading your skin with harsh chemicals when it can already be quite irritated ( climate, stress, lack of sleep, breakouts, time doing its sweet old thing)

First up we have BENTONITE CLAY.

Bentonite clay is in the smectite category of clays. It smells when mixed with water and then retract when the water evaporates. It has been considered a "healing clay" because of this, as it's supposed to draw oil, impurities and toxins out of the skin.
The picture shows the particular one I use, it is food grade, so very pure and safe. I mainly use it as a face mask, once to twice a week. You simply mix it with water until you get a smooth paste and just slap it on and wait until it hardens. You will feel your face pulsate as it dries, and it will eventually go very tight and crack. You then gently rinse it off with warm water. Your face will be quite red for about 30 minutes as the mask will have really stimulated the blood flow under your skin, which a good thing as this promotes healing and renewal of the cells as well.
I love this stuff when my face feels a bit congested, or if I've worn heavy makeup.
It's also great if you want a pimple to dry out faster, just dab a blob of clay on it and leave it as long as possible.

Next we have a wonderful thing called Organic Rosehip Oil.

Yeah, I said I had oily skin. And yeah, I use this oil on my face, it actually makes it better.
Rosehip oil is the oil extracted from the red pods of the Rose bush ( rosa canina, rosa mosqueta) and is very high in vitamin C. It also has natural vitamin, A, E and healthy omegas.
This had been a life saver for pigmentation and scars on my skin. It also helps the skin retain moisture, which means your skin won't overcompensate by producing more oil of it's own. Just use a few drops and massage into your face and neck, or anywhere that needs a bit of help. ( People have had some good results on stretch marks). Rosehip it also great on more mature skins, and on all skin types to prevent and smooth wrinkles.

I love these two products because they are natural, relatively inexpensive and they last for ages.
If you try them out and like them, let me know!

So tell me ladies, have you got any beauty secrets you wouldn't mind sharing? I would love to hear!


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